Happy 2017!


I have taken a little break from blogging (hello – over a year! ha!) but decided I needed to give it another try. I really love to bake and writing more is an intention I have set for 2017.  So I got to thinking, how I can I do this without stressing myself out and still have fun with it…..

Last year a gluten filled friend of mine was baking a different cake each month just to try out new recipes and then posting pictures of them on Facebook. I really enjoyed her posts because I love to bake so it was fun to see her go out on a limb like that.  Seeing all of this over the course of 2016, I thought it was sort of a cool concept but of course I would take a gluten free spin on it.  

So my creative side started churning and I declared, “YES! I will bake a new gluten free cake each month.” but…. even that started to stress me out a bit… so I’m going to take creative license and say that I will be baking some sort of gluten free “dessert” each month and it will be anyone’s guess what it will be.  I’m looking at those old favorites that we all love so I can convert them into a gluten free version.  I’m also looking at potentially some new recipes too but maybe not, we shall see.  

I think the key for me is to not put too much boundaries around it but to just do it without stressing myself out or not having fun with it.  I love to bake and I love to make good things gluten free but I never want to feel like it’s a “chore” or that I have to do this.  There are just so many other things that I “have to do”.  This should not be one of them.  Blogging should evoke joy and fulfillment for me and I’m committing to keeping it that way.


So join me this year and see how it all unfolds.  It really is time for a new adventure in more ways than one!  New desserts, hopefully increased photography skills, and a bunch of fun.  I know my kids will have tons of fun eating all of my creations and I will be sharing them with neighbors and friends too.  So here’s to good eating and having a great gluten free 2017!!



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