Awesome GF Restaurant: LYFE Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I had to travel to Chicago for work.  When I was new to being gluten free, this would have FREAKED me out.  I literally would have shut down over it, gave in, and just ate gluten the entire time, no matter how bad it made me feel.  Now, I am not scared at all and find navigating restaurant menus pretty easy – especially with the higher end places.  Now fast food places are typically the usual junk and I just get a salad, but geez, salads get so old very quickly (at least for me), thankfully I’ve found a new place that I’d like to tell you about!! (so excited!!)


It sounds really strange, but I dream about a fast place to get food when we are running around with the kids in the evenings going from work to event, to event, to event.  Yes, we have chipotle which is gluten free if you get a bowl and is whole food, but again, too much of a good thing can get old.  So why isn’t there a place I can buzz in and get some clean food that just happens to be gluten free or vegetarian or vegan!!!


While I was in Chicago, I stumbled upon LYFE kitchen.  As usual I promptly went up to the counter (think noodles type of ordering system) and asked for the gluten free menu.  She pointed me to the specialty menu area. Whoa!  Look at ’em all! This was awesome but I was still skeptical until I opened it. Holy moly! The options!  Real food, like GF flatbreads, sandwiches, burgers, breakfast items, entrees and the list goes on.

I ordered the GF Pizzanini.  It was gluten free flatbread with veggies and cheese stuffed inside.  It came with a side of marinara that you could dunk it in and a modest side salad.  I also got the garlic parmesan sweet potato fries with garlic aioli.

WOWSERS!  This meal was awesome!  The flatbread tasted like well, FLATBREAD!  It was soft and pliable just like it’s gluten filled friend.  The filling was plentiful and tasty.  The fries were also super yummy and the aioli, we’ll I can’t even describe how good it was except that I ate it all!


Unfortunately this is not a huge chain yet.  They are currently located in California, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Texas, and New York.  I wonder what it will take to get them to MN?


Oprah’s personal chef Art Smith is a contributor to the menu!  Yahoo!

Go check them out.  You’ll love it and know that I’ll be jealous if you have one where you live!


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