Sometimes, I just want to eat gluten. Period.

I’ve been gluten free for about three years now and at first it was hard. Super hard. However once I got the hang of it, just like anything else it became easier and easier to do. But sometimes…. it’s not easy at all…


I’m not sure, but I do know that every once in a while I just want to go out to eat and not worry if there is gluten in that soup or sauce, or have a big fluffy bun with my hamburger.   Just one, I’d like to walk into the grocery store, smell the freshly baked donuts, and walk over to the bakery so I can get 1 (or 3).  When going to a function with my kids (where there is ALWAYS food), I might want to try that bar or cupcake that looks so wonderful.  I’m guessing that my six year old will join in this rant as he just wants to have a real girl scout cookie and to eat a school lunch just once in his life.

When it comes to food, I’m simple and these are simple requests.  They are requests that anyone with a food allergy or intolerance have every single day for almost every single meal.  It’s something that most people take for granted, but alas those of us with food issues do not.


I don’t mean to be scary and honestly 90% of the time, it’s not an issue. Usually I just bring buns, treats, or food that is gluten free for me and my son and everything is fine.

It’s that other 10% when I’m tired of being so vigilant and we eat a bun with our shredded pork at the graduation party we attended last weekend because I didn’t have it together enough to make/pack buns for us.  Or my will is just down and I want to be normal.  A bun for cripes sake – just one bun!


When I imbibe in gluten then the fun starts.  The symptoms creep back. I get a little down and super duper tired – so tired that my eyes and face hurt. Sometimes I get horrid GI issues that you do not want to know about and at other times I will get painful sores in my mouth that make eating almost impossible.  I also get these fun skin rashes/bumps on my arms at times too.  Sometimes I have just one of these symptoms and sometimes I get to experience multiple of them at one time.  It’s a blast.


I do it sometimes because I’m not a celiac and it won’t put me in the hospital and sometimes you just need to let go.  Am I recommending that you do this? HECK NO!  But sometimes if are willing to face the consequences then you  need to just take it from Elsa and “LET IT GO!” and do it.


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