New Gluten Free Cookbook: Gluten Free Classic Snacks


Um, I DO, I DO!! or at least those who are gluten free should totally be excited when a new cook book is released that will help us cook or bake like our glutinous friends can.  The latest cook book from Gluten Free on A Shoestring a.k.a. Nicole Hunn is really quite great!

It was officially released last week on April 7, but I’ve had my pre-ordered copy for a few weeks now.  You can get it too on!



First off, it brings us recipes for all the classic snack cakes, crackers, and candies that we cannot have because they are full of wheat, rye, barley, spelt, or kamut (ok, I’ve never actually seen spelt or kamut in anything super deliciously yummy, but stay with me….).

Secondly, the book is full of color photos that are beautiful.  I love it when cookbooks have photos so you know how it’s supposed to turn out.  Sometimes folks will scrimp on the photos but not Nicole.  These photos are top notch!

Lastly, it brings to me (and you!) all of those girl scout cookies you can’t have, the hostess cupcakes and twinkies you long for and last but not least, KIT KATS! I’m jonseing  for a kit kat it seems like every three months or so (and especially around Halloween!), so that recipe excites me to no end.  It makes me feel normal and not deprived by living a gluten free lifestyle.  It also helps my son be more normal too, like at school when they are constantly having gluten filled treats, I can whip something up for him and he’s just like all the other kids.


The first recipe I tried was the Archway Soft Iced Oatmeal Cookies on page 81.  Needless to say, they were pretty awesome.  The oatmeal cookie has mini chocolate chips which in my  mind elevates the cookie to another level.  The cookie is soft and sweet, just like I like my cookies. The glaze on top is not any ordinary glaze. It has a hint of lemon that really pulls it all together.

The second recipe I’ve tried is the Thin Mints girl scout cookies (page 42). I am a girl scout leader and it kills me every year that I cannot have these cookies!  They are beyond delicious!!!  My husband even says that they are better than the real thing and I have to agree. They are minty and snappy just like a girl scout thin mint but it has all real ingredients! What could be better than that?

This week I plan on making the Little Debbie Cosmic brownies (page 113) so I can make them into mini legos for my son’s Lego party that we are having this weekend. I’ll let you know how they turn out and also how I plan a gluten free birthday party later this month.


If you want to try out some recipes before you purchase this, then I urge you to head on over to  She has posted two recipes from the book that will make your test buds and bellys super happy!!! The first one is for gluten free Twix bars and the second is for gluten free hostess cupcakes.

I’m not a gambling type of gal, but if I were, I bet Nicole may post even more of these solid gold recipes, so keep watch out for them! Yeah baby!

** UPDATE: 4/15/15 **

Nicole posted another great recipe today for Little Debbie Style Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Crème Pies. I love these little guys.  I cannot wait to try them!

Also, if you visit the gluten free on a shoestring blog and sign up for email notifications she gives you a PDF of 5 recipes from the new cookbook.  WHAT A STEAL!  Go check it out today for your free recipes.

P.S. I purchased this cookbook with my own funds and all of my opinions are my own!


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