Why our family went gluten free…..


Nope, not kidding.  In December of 2012, our home went 100% gluten free. My son and I were the main culprits of this change and we try to eat gluten free 100% of the time in and outside of the home.  Now my husband and daughter only eat gluten free when A. It’s at our home, or B. It’s made in our home.  Meaning if they are out at restaurants, school, a friend’s or family’s home, etc… they eat gluten to their hearts content.


I was told in the summer of 2012 that due to my Hashimoto’s (Thyroid) disease that I could “try” to be gluten free and see if it helps.  They warned me that there were no studies to back this claim and that I would just have to see if it helped me.  My first reaction was 100% anxiety as I have some issues with eliminating foods from my diet. on. purpose.  (more about that later.)

In the end I thought, what the hey, I’ll give this a try but I only avoided gluten in the home and ate it while I was out.  It actually improved my thyroid antibody count, so I kept at it.

In the mean time, our little guy continued to be chronically sick even after having his tonsils and adenoids removed.  Western medicine just was not helping him, so we decided to take a risk on Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) by a local chiropractor.  The results came back that he had issues with wheat. Great.

After that, it was just a no brainer for me that we had to be 100% gluten free. Since, I’m the main cook in the home and I was not going to make 2 meals for everyone (one gluten free and one gluten laden), then the decision was made.


It was horrible, I’m not going to lie. This is not something that I would ever tell someone to do on a whim.  I had to relearn almost everything I previously knew in the kitchen. My trips to the grocery store took hours so I could read labels and determine what we could and could not eat. My husband would ask me why I was gone so long for the first few months and quite honestly, I didn’t have a better answer than, “this is how long it’s going to take for a while.” It was pretty torturous.

At first, our meals really stunk, too. I didn’t know what I was doing and it was way different than using wheat flour for your recipes or just grabbing something from the shelf. Gradually, I got better at cooking and baking gluten free and now our meals are great – even the gluten eating family members agree.


Yes, it has helped.  My thyroid antibodies remain low which helps me in the long run avoid any nasty treatments, like removing my thyroid completely.  I do feel like I have more energy, am less tired all the time, and other random symptoms have also disappeared.

My son who was chronically underweight and ill, gained 5lbs within his first two weeks of going gluten free and has had only 2 infections needing to be treated with antibiotics.  In fact, now when he is sick, he recovers the fastest!  The quality of his life has greatly improved.


Nope, I wouldn’t.  That probably makes me super unpopular with the gluten free crowd but I don’t care.  It will not help you lose weight (I can attest to that), it isn’t the cure all for all random ailments, and it’s not trendy.  Whole grains are a very important part of a balanced diet and they shouldn’t be removed unless you show signs of celiac disease or gluten intolerance.


Then this is the place for you.  I’m a full time working wife and mother. I cannot make everything from scratch all of the time. I read a lot of blogs and scour stores for gluten free finds.  I’m going to try and help you transition to a gluten free lifestyle without becoming completely overwhelmed. So stick with me, I’ll help ya get there!


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