Welcome to the 2nd Generation of ‘The Sasse Chronicles’


Well, I tried my hand at blogging the year I turned forty which was in 2013.  I was all gung ho and then I stressed myself out by publishing a blog calendar and all this stuff about what I was going to blog about in a very structured way. It overwhelmed me to say the least.  It also just did not feel fun anymore. I rebelled and let it go to the place where all blogs go to die.


So, in the end, I changed my mind.  I have a lot to say.  I’m interested in so many things that it’s just not right for me to stay stagnant about blogging anymore.  “no body puts baby in the corner.” Word.


Well, first I need to get this site up and running.  That means finding out how to increase the text size for one, so I don’t have to capitalize my headings. I mean, how weird, right?  I swear I’m not yelling at you.

I also need to get more into social media.  Right now, I’m a fair weather facebooker and I seriously do not tweet or instagram. It sort of gives me hives.  I’ll get there someday. I promise. Maybe. No stress, remember?

I also kind of really suck at photography.  I even took a class, but the teacher creeped me out so that was that.  Alas, my friend Jenny is super into photography.  She said she’d teach me. I’m soooo looking forward to it. Thanks JK!


I hope you’ll join me on this blogging journey.  This is going to be the place where I document everything and anything I want to.  For instance, I’ve recently become obsessed with these two weight loss books. One a memoir and one a sort of ‘how to’. Both need to be reviewed.

Our family is also gluten free. So I make a lot of stuff gluten free and also create a weekly menu that we follow – loosely, but at least I have something going to help me figure what’s for dinner each night.

I work full time and will be doing this on my free time.  What, this isn’t a novelty? Nope, I know it’s not, but hey, I want some props, which maybe I’ll have to get from my kids.

I’m a wife and mother – oh boy, can’t that just fill up a blog all by itself.  So many things happen to wives and mothers that just need to be written down!


Yep. I’ll try to keep it real and fresh even though I am going to transfer some of my old topics on over here because they rock if I do say so myself!


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